Frequently Asked
Show your pet pride and support the Ohio Pet Fund
by purchasing Ohio Pet specialty license plates.
With each purchase, you are helping to provide
funds to be used to support programs for spaying
and neutering of dogs and cats, to control pet
overpopulation and for educational programs
concerning the proper veterinary care of those

What are Specialty Plates?

Are there additional fees for specialty plates?

How can I obtain a Pet specialty license plate?

How many characters can I have on my plates?

I already have personalized plates. Can I transfer
my current plates to the Pet plate?

How long will it take to get my plates?

Can I get plates for my leased car?

Can I ONLY purchase these plates when my car
registration is up for renewal?
You can search for
thousands of adoptable
pets like Opossum at
You can search for
thousands of adoptable
pets like Elton at
*Featured pets will be randomly
selected from various shelters around the
state. For the availability of adoptable
animals in your area, visit
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