Ordering the plate
Here's how to get your pet license plate!
Ohio Pet Plate—Important Ordering Guidelines

Any registered automobile owner in Ohio is eligible to
purchase an Ohio Pet Specialty License plate.  The easiest way to order?


You may order the Pet specialty license plates anytime—
order now and pay a pro-rated license fee
based on the amount of time left on your current

You may order the specialty plates in the following ways:

1. Deputy Registrars:
Requests for the Pet Specialty Plates can be made at
any Deputy Registrar's office. When you pay for your pet plate at a deputy
registrar's office, it will be mailed to you.  If you change your plate number,
the deputy will give you a permit which will allow you to operate your vehicle
while the plates are being manufactured.

2. By Mail: Request forms are available at any deputy registrar's office.  If
you choose to have a personalized plate, your choice ( if available ) will be
assigned and an application will be mailed within 5 days. You will need to
mail the application, fees and any required document(s) to the address on
the application.

4. By OPlates: You can renew and replace your license plates at OPlates.
com if your vehicle is already registered.  Vehicles that have never been
plated by the new owner, must be  registered at a local deputy registrar
office.  You can also check the availability of personalized plates at the
OPlates site.  

Special Notes on Personalized License plates:
Personalized plates are an extra $50 in Ohio.  The fees for personalization
of all plates, including the animal friendly plates, are retained by the Bureau
of Motor Vehicles.

A logo personalized plate must contain no less than four and no more than
six letters or a combination of letters and numbers totaling up to six
characters.  You may order your current personalized plates with the pet
logo as long as your phrase is no more than six characters long.

Special Notes About Initial Reserve Plates
Initial Reserve plates are an extra $25 in Ohio.
Go to http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/ for a link to check if your choice
combination of letters/numbers is available.

An initial reserve plate may contain: Three letters (ABC).

Three letters and one number (1- 9) or one number (1-9) and three letters
(ABC 1 or 1 ABC).

Two letters (AB).

Two letters and one number (1-9) or one number (1-9)
and two letters (AB 1 or 1 AB).

Two letters and two numbers (1-99) or two numbers
(1-99) and two letters (AB 75 or 75 AB).

Two letters and three numbers (1-999) or three
numbers (1-999) and two letters (AB 234 or 234 AB).

Two letters and four numbers (1-9999) or four
numbers (1-9999) and two letters (AB 2345 or 2345 AB).

One letter and five numbers (1-99999) or five
numbers (1-99999) and one letter (A 12345 or 12345 A).

One letter and six numbers (1-999999) or six numbers
(1-999999) and one letter (A 123456 or 123456 A).

Numbers 28801 through 9999999.

If you order by mail, after you receive your billing notice and submit your
payment, allow 2-3 weeks. If you visit your local deputy registrar, you will
receive plates in 7 to 10 days.

Note: The design at the top of the plate that contains the word "Ohio" is
periodically changed by the BMV. This is the current background design:

The cost?  Just $25 extra.  $10 will go to
the Bureau of Motor vehicles and $15 will go
to dogs and cats in need!
Visit your deputy registrar's
office or call
Renew, upgrade, or replace license plates at
OPlates.com. This option can only be used
if your vehicle is already registered.  Vehicles
that have never been plated by the new owners
must be registered at a local deputy registrar

If you order by mail, the BMV will bill you; if you
order at the deputy registrar's office, you’ll pay
in person.  The plates are mailed directly to the
address you put on the order form.

For a vehicle that has never had plates, the
BMV or deputy registrar can issue a registration
card, validation stickers, and a permit that
allows you to operate your vehicle while the
plates are being manufactured.
Like horses?  There
is a license plate to
fund the rescue of
unwanted horses,
too.  Learn more at

The "Dog Friendly 1" plate may
now be ordered
at your Deputy
Registrar's office or at Oplates.com
We have a "Cat Friendly" plate, too!  
Isn't it  the cutest??  
Proceeds from the
sale of the plate will go
to the Ohio Pet Fund, a
nonprofit corporation.
Money in the fund is
used to support
programs for the
spaying and neutering
of dogs and cats for
adoption from Ohio
shelters and nonprofit
organizations, and for
those pets whose
owners are unable to
afford its cost.
Still available,
the original "Ohio Pets" plate:
The newest license plate image,
with the word "Rescue" on the collar tag.

To find it at your Deputy Registrar's office,
look for "