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Ohio Pet Fund Financial Information

The Ohio Pet Fund is a nonprofit organization that supports spay,
neuter and education programs.  

2007 Financial information for the Ohio Pet Fund:

Receipts 2007

Direct Public Support                                        $601
License Plate Revenue                                $173,698
Interest Income                                              $7,640
Short-term Loan                                             $1,421

Disbursements 2007

(corporate,legal,accounting)                             $8,442
Insurance                                                       $1,046
Grant Payouts                                               $92,000
Postage/Supplies                                                 $58

Total Income                                              $183,360
Total Disbursements                                   $101,546

Disbursements 2008
Additional grant payouts Jan-Mar 2008           $91,000
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Previous Grant Recipients

The Pets Program Funding Board Committee of the
Ohio Pet Fund has been pleased to award a total of
over $300,000 in grant money to the groups listed
below.  Grant awards do not constitute an
endorsement of said groups, but instead a shared
commitment to the purposes of education and
assisting with spay and neuter costs for companion
animals of low-income families and dogs and cats
adopted from qualifying facilities and agencies.  
Thank you for supporting this effort by purchasing
the pet plate!

Humane Society of Monroe County
Fayette County Dog Pound
Advocates for Animals, Inc.
Animal Allies
Black & Orange Cat Foundation
Vinton County Dog Shelter
Humane Society of Richland County
Highland County Dog Pound
O'Byronville Animal Rescue Fund, Inc.
Pike County Dog Pound
Cat Assistance Team of Central Ohio
City of Cleveland Kennel
Perry County Humane Society
The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs SNSD
Humane Society of Jackson County
Holmes County Humane Society
Forgotten 4-Paws
Pet FBI - Colony Cats
Summit County Animal Shelter
Athens County Dog Shelter
Humane Ohio
Geauga County Humane Society
Humane Society of Greater Dayton
Lorain County Dog Kennel
Pound Dog Partners of Guernsey County
Lake County Dog Shelter
RAVS Appalachian Ohio
Cuyahoga County Dog Shelter
Geauga County Dog Shelter
Adopt a Neighborhood                  
ADOPT, Inc.                                        
Brooklyn Animal Shelter                
Cleveland Animal Protective           
Cozy Cat Cottage                                
Franklin County Animal                        
Humane Society of Greater Akron         
Humane Society of Madison County     
Humane Society of Morrow County        
Jefferson County Humane Society   
Neighborhood Cat Helpers             
RASCAL Charities                       
Sandusky County Dog Pound        
Sierra's Haven                              
Animal Outreach
Athens Cty Humane Society
Athens Cty Dog Shelter
Auglaize Cty Dog Warden
Butler Cty Dog Warden
Capital Area Humane Society
Cat Welfare
Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue
Champaign Cty Dog Shelter
Citizens for Humane Action
Cleveland Animal Protective Lg
Community Action Task Force
Fairfield Area Humane Society
Fairfield Cty Dog Shelter
Forgotten 4-Paws
Heart of Ohio Pets
Huron Cty Humane Society
Kitten Krazy
Labrador Retriever Rescue
Measle's Animal Haven
Mid-Ohio Animal Welfare Lg
Obryonville Animal Rescue
Pet Fix
Pet Orphanage
Pickaway Cty Pound
Portage Animal Protective Lg
Portage County Dog Pound
Putnam County Dog Pound
Save Ohio Strays
Second Chance Humane Society
Tuscarawas Cty Humane Society
Union Cty Humane Society
Whiskers Animal Welfare & Edu
Wood Foundation


The year 2007 was the first year the Ohio Pet Fund distributed grant funds.

The 990 for 2006 is online at
If your organization has received grant funds,
the organization has agreed to provide the Ohio
Pet Fund with a report as to how the funds were
used.  Funds should be used and reported within
one year of the grant unless the organization
applies for an extension.  Please
Click here to
download a grant utilization report form or to
obtain contact information to apply for an
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