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Show your love for pets and buy a pet plate!
Even if you've just renewed your plates, you can
still buy the plate for $25.00. Simply visit your
local deputy registrar's office, call
(1-800-589-8247), or visit our section
Buy the Plate!
The best advertisement is to display the Pet Plate on
your vehicle. The more plates we sell, the more
animals we can help.
Visit our
Kids Page!
Click here to see proud pet plate owners and some of their pets and celebrities like Pamela
Anderson and Alec Baldwin!
The Ohio Pet License Plate is a specialty plate
that will help raise funds for education and to
be used for spay and neuter of pets for
low-income families and for dogs and cats
adopted from qualifying agencies.
Click the button
to make a secure
online donation
to assist the Ohio
Pet Fund.
Forget Google, use Good Search and help pets!
One really easy way to help Ohio's homeless pets is to use Good Search!  All you have to do is go to
http://www.goodsearch.com any time you want to look something up on the internet.  Enter "Ohio Pet fund" where
it says "Who do you GoodSearch for?" and OPF gets paid every time you search!  It works just like Google, MSN or
Yahoo, but we get the profits!

Want to shop at your favorite stores and help cats and dogs even more? You can, by shopping at
popular places like Target, Petsmart, The Body Shop, The Sharper Image, Sephora, Fabulous Faux Furs, Barnes and
Noble, PUMA, Adidas, Converse, Eddie Bauer, American Eagle, even Ebay, and hundreds more through igive.com.