Help Promote the Plate
Promote the pet plate! Letting others know about our plate will increase our sales. The
more plates purchased, the more funds will be available for spay/neuter of dogs and cats
adopted from animal shelters and nonprofit organizations, or dogs and cats belonging to
people with low incomes. We hope to decrease unwanted litters and reduce the 65%
euthanasia rate of dogs and cats in shelters and humane societies. Prevention of unwanted
litters would also stop the revolving door problem of the puppies and kittens of adopted
unsterilized animals ending up back at the shelter doors or on the streets. Fewer animals
entering the shelters would also have the benefit of saving taxpayer dollars. Still not
Visit our spay neuter section.
1. Print of a copy of the flier
Download a printable version of the Ohio Pet Plate flier and display it in your shelter, humane
society, veterinarians office, coffee shop, doggie day care, store window, lobby, bulletin
board, or any place where people can see it. Click on either of the fliers below and print
Flier 1
Flier 2

2. Link to our website
Display a smaller version of the plate on your website and have it link to us. Visit our
artwork request section to learn how.

3. Add our press release to your mailings
Add our press release to your newsletter, business mailings, or e-mails. A copy of our press
release can be found below.
Click here for a printable copy.

4. Contact your local radio stations
Ask them to run a Public Service Announcement (send them the press release found below)
on the air, on their website, or ask them to tag their traffic and weather reports with the
"This traffic report brought to you by  :sound effects: (woof woof,meow meow)  Show how Pet
friendly you are by getting the pet plate for your car. Visit"

"It's raining cats and dogs! Help prevent Ohio's pet overpopulation by buying the Ohio Pet License Plate for
your car. Visit"

5. Write a letter to the editor
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper telling them how the pet friendly plate can
help your community.
Click here for a sample letter.

6. Volunteer at a festival or parade
Download copies of the fliers and pass them out at your local festivals or parades.
Flier 1
Flier 2

7. Pass out coloring pages
Download a printable copy of a coloring page for kids.
Coloring Page 1
Coloring Page 2

*8. Order a banner
Rescue Groups, Shelters, Humane Societies, or any other groups interested in supporting the
Ohio Pet Fund can help us get the word out about the pet plate by purchasing a banner for
$89 from Minuteman Press. Just call (614) 792-3399 and ask for Marina or Ken or e-mail and tell them you'd like a 3' x 6' banner (order #30259). You
can also have the words on the plate customized to the name or phone number of your
Click here to see a picture of the banner